All you need to get started with CGV Project

Essentials and Fundamentals to keep in mind for your Computer Graphics Visualisations Mini-Project.

Hola Guys, We met at the seminar hall remember Akshay here :) Time to RE-CREATE WHEEL, RE-IMAGINE how Computer Graphics were done some 20yrs ago. Advance SDKs and Utilities have come but Fundamentals remain at the core.

In this short article let me brief you and share my personal experience on what helped me build my project.

My CGV Project GITHUB Repo :

CGV Mini Project Checklist :

  1. Transformations have to be used.
  2. Multiple Scenes to be included.
  3. Lighting concepts to be explained (CORE) if you work on a 3D Project.
  4. Menus to be included.

Feel free to clarify once before you proceed ahead with any other requirements to be included in Project.


Now let's discuss the Installation Procedure. You can build your project in two preferable ways.

  1. Use the Fedora Virtual Box VM from the department which has already OPENGL setup for you. (No additional Installation Required)
  2. Use OpenGL in windows or mac.

For Windows, I would suggest to setup with Codeblocks. Debugging will be more productive than VS Code or other Code Editors.

Link for CodeBlocks Version 17.02 (Mandatorily use this version only)

Useful resources

  3. Have your Lab programs handy while coding